Unknown Mortal Orchestra "Not in Love We're Just High" (video)

Unknown Mortal Orchestra 'Not in Love We're Just High' (video)
After dropping the new single "American Guilt" last month, Unknown Mortal Orchestra are once again teasing the project's Sex & Food album with a new track.

The song is titled "Not in Love We're Just High," and it arrives via a new animated video by Greg Sharp.

According to a press release, "The song examines relational confusion induced by drugs (or simply mania)."

It goes on to explain: "The couple at the centre of the song realize that they're not actually in love, they are indeed simply high, and how a realization that may seem sad on its surface could actually be quite liberating and euphoric. The tension of the song's chaotic introduction is given relief by the gorgeous repeated Wurlitzer chords that make up the backbone of the song. The song's steady build adds to the ecstatic feeling of liberation born from this epiphany."

You can hear how that all plays out for yourself by watching the video for "Not in Love We're Just High" below. The song follows the album track "American Guilt."

As previously reported, Sex & Food is due April 6 via Jagjaguwar. You can see the band's upcoming tour dates, which include several in Canada, here.