Trapt Take the Alt-Right Whining to Twitter After Facebook Ban

Naturally, they have threatened to sue the social media giant
Trapt Take the Alt-Right Whining to Twitter After Facebook Ban
In line with their Trump support and COVID-19 denialTrapt have not been shy about their full-throated embrace of far-right extremist group Proud Boys — which has now landed them a 30-day ban from Facebook.

Earlier this month (November 1), perpetually aggrieved frontman Chris Taylor Brown hopped on Twitter to rail against Mark Zuckerberg's company in "Headstrong" fashion, griping about how his Proud Boys support led to the great injustice of losing his posting privileges.

"FB is saying this post is violent," Brown wrote in sharing his suspension notice. "Just saying 'Proud Boys' is violence, yet 'Antifa' is everywhere. This is what I mean when I say 'wall street' helping Antifa. Big tech is part of Wall Street. They aid in recruitment mostly. I'd think every Pro USA group would be against Antifa."

Evidently, Brown continued this big-brain hypothesizing to the point where Zuck brought down the ban hammer. Metal Sucks points to multiple Facebook users being alerted to Trapt's page being pulled from the site after being reported for hate speech.

Today, Brown shared that he was banned by Facebook for sharing a Proud Boys meme and inviting followers to "come join the fun on the Parler app," a new favourite social service among of Trump supporters, conservatives and right-wingers. Of course, he threatened to sue Facebook for the ban.

In September, it was reported that Trapt could continue to dig themselves into an even deeper hole with a Judge Judy appearance.