The Darcys Announce New Album 'Fear & Loneliness'

Listen to their newly shared song "Off the Deep"
The Darcys Announce New Album 'Fear & Loneliness'
The Darcys have announced plans for a new record titled Fear & Loneliness. The Canadian duo will release the record on November 13 through The Darcys Inc./Warner Music.

Today, the pair — formerly based in Toronto and now in Los Angeles — have shared a new single from the effort, following the release of album cut "Look Me in the Eyes" earlier this summer. The group's second release, "Off the Deep," can be heard below.

"'Off the Deep' is about embracing the unknown and diving into uncertain waters," the group's Jason Couse explained of the track in a statement.

"This 'no risk, no reward' motto speaks to the larger narrative arc of Fear & Loneliness and the desire to keep pushing ourselves as artists," he added. "We wanted to create a playful sonic space where a hypnotic flute sample keeps the energy afloat while the heavier themes lurk just beneath the surface."

Earlier this year, the Darcys shared two-track EP Boys Don't / Change. Their fifth album will follow 2016's Centerfold.

Listen to "Off the Deep" below, where you'll also find the record's tracklisting.

Fear & Loneliness:

1. Fear & Loneliness
2. Look Me In The Eyes
3. Hollywood Ending
4. Too Late
5. Shangri-Lost
6. Off The Deep
7. Chasing The Fall
8. Boys Don't
9. Reservoir No. 4
10. Cowboy Movies
11. The Glory Days

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