Spek Won "Black Body" (ft. Shi Wisdom) (video)

Spek Won 'Black Body' (ft. Shi Wisdom) (video)
As hip-hop fans mull over the titular pun of Spek Won's Sofa King Amazing, the Toronto rapper has rolled out a video for his track "Black Body."

This a jazzy, politically charged hip-hop track that borrows lyrics from the iconic anti-racism song "Strange Fruit." In it, we see someone lying lifeless in the street while guest Shi Wisdom kneels at a memorial. But the video also has an uplifting tone, as the fallen man stands up and dances and some other folks have a party in a park. Spek Won, meanwhile, struts around in a snazzy ODB shirt, and the whole thing wraps up with an inspirational quote about conquering racism.

Watch the Mark Valino-directed video below, and read Exclaim!'s recent interview with the rapper here.