Soulja Boy

Souljah Boy would be easy to dismiss if he wasn’t on every media outlet possible but unfortunately, he’s the new teen sensation of crunk music and he’s embracing every catchy beat of it. Lead single "Crank That” is based around steel drum production, which represents the sound of his debut album At 17 years old, Souljah Boy is making music his friends can snap, pop and drop to. is 14 tracks deep of wholesome subject matter ("Booty Meat,” "Donk”) and is ultimately a bass-heavy party album laced with simplicity. Check out Souljah Girl and please, avoid the temptation to listen to "She Thirsty.” The catch to Souljah Boy is that he produced and wrote almost the whole project. How many artists, let alone 17 year olds, can take credit for that level of creative control? He’s clearly an ambitious young man and should be respected for that, if nothing else. Save him while he’s young. (Collipark/Interscope)