Songs: Ohia's 'Didn't It Rain' Treated to Deluxe Reissue

Songs: Ohia's 'Didn't It Rain' Treated to Deluxe Reissue
The late Jason Molina will have his back catalogue celebrated once again, with Secretly Canadian announcing it will be delivering a deluxe reissue of his 2002 Songs: Ohia LP Didn't It Rain on November 11.

Like last year's revamped 10th anniversary edition of Songs: Ohia's Magnolia Electric Co. and the altered Hecla & Griper EP, the upcoming double-LP/double-CD pressing of Didn't It Rain will feature a handful of bonus tracks.

In addition to the first record, which preserves the seven-song cycle as is, a second platter features alternate versions of numbers like "Blue Factory Flame," "Two Blue Lights" and the title track. It also features early versions of Pyramid Electric Co. song "Spectral Alphabet" and "The Gray Tour," recorded here under the working title of "Waiting Its Whole Life." A press release also notes the intimate demos portion features "a distant playground full of children chiming in the background for a few songs."

Issued back in 2002, Didn't It Rain was recorded live off the floor in a single take. In Exclaim!'s original review, we noted "its intimacy is palpable," with a stream-of-conscious feel presenting "more pages in this chapter of Molina's dream journal."

You'll find the tracklisting and a stream of an alternate version of the album's "Ring the Bell" down below.

Didn't It Rain:

LP 1:

1. Didn't It Rain

2. Steve Albini's Blues

3. Ring the Bell

4. Cross the Moon, Molina

5. Blue Factory Flame

6. Two Blue Lights

7. Blue Chicago Moon

LP 2 (Demos):

1. Didn't It Rain

2. Ring the Bell (Working Title: Depression No. 42)

3. Cross the Road, Molina (Working Title: Chicago City Moon)

4. Blue Factory Flame

5. Two Blue Lights

6.  Blue Chicago Moon

7. The Gray Tour (Working Title: Waiting It's Whole Life)
8. Spectral Alphabet