Riz Ahmed Shares New Song "Mogambo"

Watch a video for the track now
Riz Ahmed Shares New Song 'Mogambo'
Ahead of starring in the new Venom film out this Friday, Riz Ahmed has shared a new solo track as Riz MC.

Titled "Mogambo," the track was produced by Ahmed's Swet Shop Boys groupmate Redinho and arrives alongside a video. The Bassam Tariq-helmed clip cuts together footage of a Pakistani wrestling match after a furious opening verse from Ahmed.

Tariq explained how the video concept changed during production in a press release:

Our initial idea was a glamorized and intentionally composed video that challenged ideas of masculinity but after looking back at footage Riz and I shot in Pakistan, we realized that there is a raw energy that we can never recreate. So we decided to make the footage work and embrace the pedestrian nature of it. It's tough for my ego to put something out that feels rough around the edges but throughout the edit the footage kept telling me that we are enough to keep viewers interested. We don't need to be flashy to have people like us. We are perfectly imperfect – shaky compositions and soft focus and all.