Peaches "How Do You Like My Cut" (video)

Peaches 'How Do You Like My Cut' (video)
Peaches continues to promote her Rub LP with a series of eye-popping visuals. Up next, the song "How Do You Like My Cut" gets the video treatment.

Rather than go a relatively traditional video route, Peaches enlisted the work of dancer and visual artist Eisa Jocson, who challenges gender norms with her work.

The video uses Jocson's piece "Macho Dancer," and it's a perfect accompaniment to the song.

Here is Peaches' statement about the video:

I first saw Eisa Jocson perform "Macho Dancer" as a much longer and more involved piece for a dance festival in Berlin. Eisa recreates the male exotic dancing that happens in the Philippines only by Filipino men performed in nightclubs primarily for the enjoyment of women. I was struck by how androgynous and delicate this gender specific dance is interpreted. I was lucky Eisa agreed to create a version for my song 'How You Like My Cut'. This time there are no big cartoon pussies or naked bodies, and i do not even appear in one of my own videos for the first time. Here is a more quiet, sensual Peaches video. Another side, if you will.

Watch the new Peaches video below.