Maestro Fresh Wes Teases 'Champagne Campaign' Album with Two New Tracks

Listen to "Minor Chords" and "Waste Yute" now
Maestro Fresh Wes Teases 'Champagne Campaign' Album with Two New Tracks
Canadian hip-hop hero Maestro Fresh Wes is celebrating his 30th anniversary this year, with his landmark debut album Symphony in Effect dropping way back in 1989. As part of those celebrations, he is gearing up for a new album called Champagne Campaign, and he's giving us a taste of it via a pair of new singles today.

Maestro has released the tracks "Minor Chords" and "Waste Yute," and you can hear both now down below.

Speaking of "Minor Chords," Maestro said in a statement, "The title was inspired by my good friend who passed away, King Reign. He said those words in a song we did years ago called 'Look for Me in the Whirlwind.' That's why I sampled his voice at the end of the track…"

The track also features Planet Asia, with Toronto's Lord Quest providing production.

As for "Waste Yute," it features Toronto's Dusty Wallace and was also produced by Lord Quest.

"I was introduced to Dusty Wallace by my bredren Chris Jackson," Maestro said. "When Lord Quest gave me this beat, I knew Dusty and I would kill it. I was inspired by the Weeknd to stretch my vocal range.

"It's simply about us dissing a punk for being whutless… I wanted to have fun on the song by singing to the young punk as I question his mother's poor choices of family planning. A mild undertone of social commentary on the song, but mostly comedic relief over a dope trap beat."

So far, there is no firm release date for Champagne Campaign, but it will be made up of 11 tracks.

For now, check out "Minor Chords" and "Waste Yute," and stay tuned.