Maestro Fresh Wes "Desire" (ft. Lights) (video)

Maestro Fresh Wes 'Desire' (ft. Lights) (video)
We're really not too sure how the power grid works in Toronto, but if Maestro Fresh Wes's new video for his Orchestrated Noise single "Desire" is to be believed, you all have Lights' hair and keyboard to thank for your electricity.

The motivational rap piece has Wes talking throughout a synth-and-boom-bap arrangement about rising up like a champion, while Lights splits her time singing the hook and having her Ring-inspired do wrap itself around the cables and wires of an office building. From there, she begins a light show shining neon all across the cityscape. If your lights ever flicker on and off at night, you now know the culprit.

You can peep the pair's shiny collaboration down below.