LUKA "Near Collision" (video)

LUKA 'Near Collision' (video)
LUKA (a.k.a. Luke Kuplowsky) released his latest record last year with What Kind of Animal, and now album cut "Near Collision" has been paired with a music video.
The clip was directed by Max Sims and shot on 16mm film. It captures the singer-songwriter breaking his glasses in a fall and going to the optometrist to get them replaced, then having a cup of coffee.
"We were aiming to be deceptively simple and mundane — something that framed the lyrics in both a literal and metaphorical way," Kuplowsky tells Exclaim! "Animal is an album of unease, reflection and clarity, so the approach seemed appropriate."
Watch the final results below.
LUKA will perform at Kazoo! Fest in Guelph on April 12. He will also perform at the Burdock in Toronto on April 11 and May 30.