Lex Leosis Tries to "PULL UP" in New Video

It's an outtake from the Toronto rapper's new album 'Mythologies'
Lex Leosis Tries to 'PULL UP' in New Video
We're closing in on four months since the world shut down due to coronavirus, and those without a quarantine lover are past the point of restlessness. Toronto rapper Lex Leosis has channelled that pent-up energy in new single "PULL UP" and accompanying video.

"The song was inspired by a far away bae during the quarantine," said Leosis in a statement. "I realized with the COVID-19 lockdown, that a lot of people aren't able to see their partners, so a lot of people can level with that feeling: video chatting, sending pics and wishing someone could PULL UP!"

The video features Leosis and friends (including former Sorority crewmates Haviah Mighty and Keysha Freshh) reacting to the lovelorn song, channelling the energy of bars likeĀ "It's 11 o'clock, time to push that thang back" and "then he slide like Wes, blow the backbone out."

Said Leoxis, "I was amazed at all the beauty that came back. I think womxn often get boxed into a societal version of what sexy is supposed to look like, but all the womxn in the video sent whatever made THEM feel the sexiest, so I think the video is super unique."

While the song fits today's isolated atmosphere, it's been in the works for a while; the track was initially created for her recent albumĀ Mythologies, but was ultimately cut. According to Leosis, "I'd been working on versions of 'PULL UP' for a long time and it was supposed to be on my album, but after writing and recording the rest of the music, I just felt it didn't quite fit the vibe. But I love the song and wanted people to still enjoy it."

Watch the "PULL UP" video below.