​Kraftwerk Show in Buenos Aires Could Be Cancelled Due to Electronic Music Ban

​Kraftwerk Show in Buenos Aires Could Be Cancelled Due to Electronic Music Ban
Photo: Kevin Jones
German electronic icons Kraftwerk are currently in the midst of taking their 3D concert on tour around the world, but a recently implemented rule in Buenos Aires may prevent the band from playing in Argentina's capital.
Following the death of five people in their early 20s at the Time Warp Argentina festival earlier this year, Buenos Aires Mayor Horacio Rodriguez clamped down and stopped issuing permits for major electronic music festivals in the city.
Now, Kraftwerk's permit to perform at Luna Park Stadium on November 23 has been rejected. Tickets went on sale through promoter Move Concerts back in July and were 70 percent sold when the bad permit news was announced.
"After Time Warp, Judge Lisandro Fastman's court ruling prohibited all electronic music festivals," a city official told local newspaper, Clarín. "Because of that, and despite the fact that they presented their paperwork with the required 30 days notice, we cannot authorize the permit."
Move Concerts has filed an appeal, arguing that a Kraftwerk show shouldn't fall under the umbrella of typical festivals, as it would clock in at under two hours and is aimed at entertaining a wide range of age groups.

UPDATE (11/14, 3:30 p.m. EST): A local court has now reversed the decision to cancel the show, and it will go ahead as previously planned.

The Buenos Aires government official maintained that the ban covers Kraftwerk's music because the group "use synthesizers or samplers as their primary instrument."
Move Concerts is hoping their appeal will overturn the decision within the next two weeks. At this time, tickets are currently still on sale.

Those already in possession of tickets have taken to the Facebook event page to encourage fellow fans to contact government representatives to overturn the ban and issue the proper permits needed for the show to go ahead as scheduled.