Jhené Aiko "The Pressure"

Jhené Aiko 'The Pressure'
Jhené Aiko's Souled Out may not have made its originally scheduled May deadline, but the R&B singer isn't sweating the delay. That said, she's now putting "The Pressure" on us with a steamy new tune of the same name.

Produced by the Fisticuffs, the track moves along subtly with a smooth and steady clack, airy, reverberated guitar noodling and the occasional shooting-star synth line. As for Aiko, she coolly puts perspective on a relationship with a once stressful figure, distancing herself from any sort of drama ("It's really out of my control/The way you feel is not my problem").

No pressure, everybody, but you can stream Aiko's new single down below. Souled Out is now expected to hit stores in the fall.