Integrity Sign to Relapse for New Album

Integrity Sign to Relapse for New Album
Ready to spread their holy terror once again, Cleveland-bred but Belgium-based metal/hardcore hybridists Integrity have announced that they have linked up with the mighty Relapse Records to issue a forthcoming full-length. Details are still pending, but the record is expected to arrive in 2017.

News of the signing was delivered today (July 5), with a statement from vocalist/founder Hellion confirming that the band are pleased to be working with Relapse. He added that an as-yet-untitled album is already in the works, with the outfit currently "whittling away at forbidden deities and forgotten curses until we arrive with chapter and verse."

Hellion added of the band's craft:

Integrity has always been a creature of destruction and introspection. The ever beginning End. A lesson in lechery and weaponized love. Forever culling forth the demons of deep within to enchant our congregation with serrated scripture.

The upcoming collection will be Integrity's 12th album overall and first since the release of 2013's Suicide Black Snake, which had been delivered through A389 Recordings/Magic Bullet.

Over the years, the Clevo heavies have issued recordings through Victory Records, Deathwish Inc., Organized Crime, and Hellion's own Holy Terror. Most recently, a split 12-inch with Texas's Power Trip arrived in June through Magic Bullet.