Integrity / Krieg Split

Integrity / Krieg Split
Maybe we shouldn't have been surprised. Integrity and Krieg have 28 split records between them over the course of nearly 30 years. But it still seemed to clash; one of metal's most innovative acts, alongside supporters of a genre based entirely in strict orthodoxy. But here it is. Seven tracks of fire-breathing brutality from different, yet equally heavy sides of metal's vast spectrum.
Integrity bring levels of technicality in the form of brain-bending solos on "Scorched Earth" and "Document One," the latter sounding like a bizarre mashup of Avenged Sevenfold and Napalm Death. Their colossal influence over the last two decades oozes through every note. Even after so long, they still sound like a basement pit-starter, ready to send bodies flying at the drop of a stick. Few bands do it better, and almost none make it sound so easy. They even manage to out-evil Krieg during the deliciously '80s-sounding "Sons of Satan."
To their credit, Krieg have never budged an inch. They've stayed stalwart, spitting the same Satanic venom that brought them cult success in the first place. Trotting out some obscure early recordings will please the long-time listeners, while "Circle of Guilt" (their first new song since 2014's Transient) shows that they have only grown more savage with age. Fans of all things monochrome and Darkthrone will go nuts.
Comparison is a moot point. The bands play to their own strengths and it's more then enough. Splits like this are what keeps the underground alive. (Relapse)