Integrity Detail 'Humanity Is the Devil' and 'Den of Iniquity' Reissues

Integrity Detail 'Humanity Is the Devil' and 'Den of Iniquity' Reissues
Back in the summer, Magic Bullet Records announced plans to start reissuing the back catalogue of classic Clevo hardcore outfit Integrity. Following a re-release of the 1992's Palm Sunday concert LP, the label have now offered up the details on a touched-up edition of Integrity's landmark Humanity Is the Devil EP.

First released in 1995 via Victory Records, Humanity Is the Devil arrives as a reissue on CD and as a digital bundle on October 30. Overseen by Integrity guitarist Aaron Melnick and singer Dwid Hellion, the collection was remixed by Joel Grind and remastered by Brad Boatwright at Audiosiege. Additionally, the original six-song set has been beefed up with closing narration from Hellion.

Humanity Is the Devil has been praised as a classic piece of mid-'90s metalcore, which "completely turned both hardcore and metal on its head" via tracks like "Abaraxas Annihilation." The record's "Hollow" also featured a guest appearance from Ringworm's James "Human Furnace" Bulloch. Lyrically, the set is said to have had Hellion exploring "much darker, psychological depths" than his contemporaries.

Unlike the Victory Records CD, it appears that the Magic Bullet edition will not include a pair of tracks from Hellion's Psywarfare noise side-project, or tracks pulled from the band's Harder They Fall demo.

Humanity Is the Devil: 20th Anniversary Remix + Remaster also features updated cover art, with the original full-colour approach to Pushead's artwork now being presented in stark shades of red, black and white. The CD also comes with new artwork from Josh Bayer and a print-out of Hellion's lyrics.

Also due October 30 from Magic Bullet is a repress of Integrity's demos collection, Den of Iniquity. The set first arrived on CD via Dark Empire, and was later expanded for a double LP through Organized Crime, which added material from split 7-inches, compilations and more. Magic Bullet will deliver the 23-song expanded edition of Den of Iniquity on CD and digitally.

Humanity Is the Devil: 20th Anniversary Remix + Remaster:

1. Vocal Test
2. Hollow
3. Psychological Warfare
4. Trapped Under Silence
5. Abraxas Annihilation
6. Jagged Visions of My True Destiny
7. Narration (Dwid Hellion Version)
Den of Iniquity:

1. March Of The Damned
2. Darkness
3. Live It Down
4. Bringing It Back
5. Dead Wrong
6. Jimson Isolation
7. Dawn Of The New Apocalypse
8. ATF Assault
9. All Is Lost
10. Sarin
11. Divinity In Exile
12. Evacuate
13. Learn How To Die
14. Fear: The True Name Of Beauty
15. Die Hard (Live)
16. Hollow (Live)
17. Jagged Visions 96
18. Eighteen (Live from Studio A)
19. B.A.T.F. Would Be Proud
20. Kingdom Of Heaven
21. Rebirth
22. Eighteen
23. Silence Ever After