Hubert Lenoir Returns with Mac DeMarco and Kirin J. Callinan Collab "SECRET"

It's the lead single from his sophomore album 'Musique directe'
Hubert Lenoir Returns with Mac DeMarco and Kirin J. Callinan Collab 'SECRET'
In 2018, Hubert Lenoir took the music world by storm seemingly overnight, riding the hype from his debut album Darlène to become the hottest French Canadian breakout since Malajube and Coeur de pirate, though he's been keeping a relatively quiet profile recently (save for an acting role in film Like a House on Fire).

Now he's back, with his sophomore album Musqiue directe due for release this fall via Worse/Terrible Records and Simone Records. To celebrate the announcement, Lenoir has dropped lead single "SECRET," featuring contributions by fellow musical provocateurs Mac DeMarco and Kirin J. Callinan.

In stark contrast to the '70s glam of Darlène, "SECRET" finds Lenoir delivering sultry R&B vocals atop burbling synths, buzzing sax and boom-bap percussion (with DeMarco on the drum kit). Its laidback vibe belies Lenoir's heartfelt lyrics about social rejection.

In a statement about "SECRET," Lenoir said:

This is a song about the feeling of unshared love and being rejected when you know that it's only because you're different. It talks about social rejection and keeping those feelings for yourself because "what's the point" and anyway you don't stand a chance. Not necessarily feeling bitterness or blaming the others but still finding the situation extremely sad and sending condolences to everyone that is like me, everyone that could live with the same ostracization in silence. A way of saying: I'm sorry, it won't be easy.

This theme is furthered by the accompanying music video, which follows Lenoir's outcast skunk-boy character as he attempts to win the affection of his hunky, football-toting love interest through the power of grand romantic gestures, taking Say Anything's iconic boombox serenade to the next level.

The video was preceded by a short promo clip for the album that finds a shirtless Lenoir busting a move while listening to Flo Rida's "Club Can't Handle Me." 

Watch the "SECRET" video below, and keep scrolling for the promo clip.