Hear Lab Coast Cover Hüsker Dü's "I Apologize"

Songs from the Calgary band's 'Cover to Cover' EP will arrive weekly
Hear Lab Coast Cover Hüsker Dü's 'I Apologize'
Lab Coast have returned with a cover of Hüsker Dü's "I Apologize," marking the first song from a new EP that will be rolled out in the coming months.

The seven-song Cover to Cover EP will find the Calgary outfit sharing a new cover each Monday for the next seven weeks, beginning with today with "I Apologize." The complete EP will then land on Bandcamp after every track has arrived.

In accompanying notes, Lab Coast's Chris Dadge writes that the New Day Rising cut has long been "kicking around the Lab Coast stables," and that this particular version finished in early 2020 is "one of only a handful of Lab Coast recordings made entirely inside of a computer."

Dadge explains that the band chose seven tunes for Cover to Cover that "seem like they could be one of our songs" as an "acknowledgement that we don't create in a vacuum and that we're working in a grand tradition."

"If someone who'd never heard us or Hüsker Dü heard this track amongst a bunch of our originals, they wouldn't be aesthetically snapped out of the flow," Dadge explains of their "I Apologize" cover. "So, that's what we did, and it seemed to work: we ended up with a slightly different form and chord sequence than the original, but also injected some of our more characteristic sonic elements into the mix."

Hear Lab Coast's cover of "I Apologize" below.