Guns N' Roses Roast Donald Trump with "Live N' Let Die with COVID 45"

The president's viral visit to an N95 mask factory has been immortalized on a new T-shirt
Guns N' Roses Roast Donald Trump with 'Live N' Let Die with COVID 45'
Guns N' Roses have put President Donald Trump in their crosshairs, releasing a pandemic-appropriate new T-Shirt that reads "Live N' Let Die with COVID 45."

Of course, the tee makes reference to Trump's recent visit to a factory where they make N95 masks — crucial PPE needed for frontline workers to help stop the spread of COVID-19.

But with Trump being Trump, he didn't actually wear a mask and decided it would be a good idea to blast GNR's rendition of "Live and Let Die" during his visit.

Needless to say, the footage of Trump's visit at the Honeywell factory in Phoenix went completely viral — with Axl Rose and co. now immortalizing the cringeworthy moment in T-shirt form.

If you don't get why it's "COVID 45," it's due to Trump being the 45th president of the United States.

Right now, you can order the shirt and revisit Trump's viral moment at the factory below. All proceeds from the shirt go to MusiCares.

Rose hasn't been shy about showing his distaste of the Trump administration. Recently, he blasted U.S. Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin, making headlines in the process.

"Live and Let Die" was originally written and recorded by Paul McCartney, who recorded the 1973 Bond theme with Wings. Guns N' Roses went on to famously cover the song on their 1991 album Use Your Illusion I.