Geoffroy/Various Pile-Up: Volume One

And here we have it: house music in 2005. This mix from Mugwump is probably the best document of where the progressive house backlash has gotten us. Pseudo-analogue soft synths and tech-y melodies, a heavy dash of the ’80s, and there you go — think Mylo. Strangely it doesn’t seem to be sure of whether it’s a dance floor mix or a home listening mix. Starting off with Mugwump’s mix of Jeff Bennett’s "Sitting Bull,” a classy nightclub rocking track, things move to the more eclectic for a few tracks before getting more ass-shaking with "Deadly Dub” by Optimus. By mid-disc it’s decided what it wants to be and we start to have something pretty good. From Mugwump’s own "Mudcleaner,” things get all acid house, whipping out the 303 lines for a retro feel. Will this be the sound of a couple of years from now? No, probably not. But if you haven’t bought a mix disc since Global Underground 9, give this a listen to get caught up. (Hi-Phen)