Five Alarm Funk Anything Is Possible

The self-produced, third studio album from this Vancouver, BC posse contains 14 youthful, exuberant tracks that groove with intensity and unbridled energy. The band's critically acclaimed, horn-powered, percussion-fuelled live show translates effortlessly. After all, it is what they do best. Citing influences such as Zappa and Antibalas, it's apparent that Five Alarm Funk have been a group of friends for a long time that have developed a unique blend of skilfully executed, Latin-tinged Afrobeat, funk and ska. First track "Infernal Monologue" begins with an angelic children's choir before quickly moving into classically inspired prog-rock. From there, the band deliver funk on "Zenith Escalator" and their blend of Afrobeat on "Titan." The rest of the album follows suit; it's a mash up of different genres spanning rock, funk, prog and world music, but as a whole, it doesn't fall into any of these aforementioned categories. Whether that is good or bad is up to you to decide. On Anything is Possible, Five Alarm Funk sound like a young band that are still trying to find their stride. Go see them live, if you get a chance. (Independent)