Danny Elfman's Batman Theme Treated to Vinyl Release by Mondo

Danny Elfman's Batman Theme Treated to Vinyl Release by Mondo
This year marks the 75th anniversary of Batman, and score fanatics Mondo have revealed they're celebrating the Caped Crusader by offering up composer Danny Elfman's iconic Batman theme on a series of limited-edition 7-inches.

The news was revealed this week through Mondo and DC Comics, who confirmed that the theme song will appear on five separate slabs of coloured vinyl that will come housed in 7-inch jackets featuring artwork inspired by the early '90s cartoon Batman: The Animated Series. The records will first be up for sale at next Wednesday's (July 23) San Diego Comic-Con Preview Night.

Each of the singles is inspired by a different member of Batman's rogues gallery and comes with specialized vinyl. The Joker variant features artwork from Mike Mitchell and appears on "bomb black vinyl." Tom Whalen's Man-Bat variant features a deluxe jacket with extendable wings, with the vinyl arriving on translucent orange wax.

The pin-up style cover of Harley Quinn was prepped by Matt Taylor and is paired with a translucent purple 7-inch. The illustration of chilly villain Mr. Freeze was drawn by Alan Hynes, with the vinyl appearing on "ice blue" vinyl. Finally, Gary Pullin's Clayface cover is embossed, with an imprint of Batman's face pressed into the villain's chest, and comes with a "clay brown" single.

While the records will be up for grabs at Comic-Con, an interview with Comics Alliance had Mondo CEO Justin Ishmael explaining that this is the first wave of releases supporting the 75th anniversary of the superhero detective. Though details are forthcoming, he hinted at a Two-Face cover having been in consideration for the first batch of singles and noted a glow-in-the-dark release could be coming. You'll find the interview down below.