Creed Finally Treat 'Human Clay' to a Vinyl Reissue

You'll finally be able to listen to "Higher" with some of that warm analog crackle
Creed Finally Treat 'Human Clay' to a Vinyl Reissue
Some vinyl reissues are clearly intended to be half listened to on a Crosley, or even just to be framed and posted on a dorm-room wall. Others, however, are intended to be enjoyed through the most pristine, high-fidelity audio system. The latter is most definitely true when it comes to the reissue we're discussing here today.

Creed's Human Clay, the emotional butt-rock epic that gave us timeless classics like "Higher" and "With Arms Wide Open," is finally getting a proper vinyl release.

The album, which has sold 20 million units worldwide since its release in 1999, was treated to an extremely limited vinyl release upon its first arrival but will now be offered on a larger scale.

The release features two LPs housed in a gatefold jacket. The record will arrive on October 11 via Craft Recordings