Corgasm Corgasm

Pulling from some of the most pivotal punk outfits of the past three decades, Toronto, ON-based trio Corgasm don't seem organized, rather they're the positive results of chaos theory. Lacking anything near refinement, stylistic intent or a desire to "fit in," the purity and passion of their 12 songs as laid out over a whopping 15 minutes are more about excitement and energy than perfect pitch or pristine playing. Trading off vocals for a variety of atmospheres, ranging from hyperactive G.G. Allin through to a femme fatale Wendy O. Williams could never fully muster, blazing away over thrilling triple-time rhythms and oddball passages, there's something very Black Flag meets Minor Threat and fucked by the Dwarves here. Yet where many bands strive for those connotations, with Corgasm, it's so natural they probably have no clue or desire to find out how such names apply to their brash, barbaric barnstorming. (Boonsdale)