Classified Tomorrow Could Be...

Classified Tomorrow Could Be...
Nova Scotian multi-platinum rapper Classified — now pushing 40 — is back at it with a new EP. His eighth official release, Tomorrow Could Be... is an endearing sign that Class truly understands both his age and his fan base, as he keeps the effort concise, honest, and at it's best, incredibly compelling. Despite a successful career, there is no glam, glitz nor braggadocio here. Though polished with the confidence one only gets from being a real veteran rapper, he remains a relatable figure — in the best way possible.
"Changes," featuring Anjulie, is a moment where we find him reflecting on whether or not he wants to keep rapping at all, considering his age, the climate of today's industry, and where he's currently at in life. As he explains, though, fans personally affected by his music have kept him going. He describes receiving a message from a listener noting that his music had prevented him from committing suicide. It's powerful thinking that he has a purpose bigger than himself.
This purpose truly comes to fruition on "Powerless," which — among other things — examines the missing Indigenous women in Canada. It's immediate, uplifting, and poignant in its message. "Fallen" is another sure shot single aimed at helping listeners get through and over.
With such powerful music in tow, "She Ain't Gotta Do Much," and the quasi-humorous "Finish It" break the tension with topical, much less heavy content. "Damn Right" is the odd man out on the EP, with a rap/rock boom bap vibe (think Eminem and Rick Rubin's "Bezerk") with fun-but-questionable bars like "I hold it down like a fat kid on a see-saw," or "balls big like beach balls." It's the least inspired moment on the EP.
Overall, Classified delivers with a solid collection of music that refreshingly lacks commercial fluff and instead provides meaningful, heartfelt music that (again at its best) focuses on mature songwriting as opposed to trendy bops. Oh Canada, indeed. (Halflife Records/Universal)