Cherry Glazerr Velvet Underground, Toronto ON, January 24

Cherry Glazerr Velvet Underground, Toronto ON, January 24
Photo: Matt Forsythe
Who said being loud and angry couldn't also be fun as hell?
Cherry Glazerr were all of the above last night (January 24) as they brought their "Pussy Bites Back" tour to Toronto's Velvet Underground, large, brightly coloured vaginas hanging from the ceiling and all. The night was wild, fun, loud and engrossing, filled with primal screams, poo jokes, Sabbath-style riffing and even a little robot confusion. Cherry Glazerr's fearless leader Clementine Creevy ripped onto the stage clad in a sick jumpsuit, with a wild, frantic energy that never fully dissipated; even in the quieter moments, she seemed ready to pounce, channelling Mark Mothersbaugh, Ozzy, Joey Ramone and Cherie Currie all at once.
The first truly face-melting moment of the night was during Apocalipstick's title track, the final song on the album, a heavy, fuzzy outro jam. The quartet fell into a hypnotic groove of fuzz and digital haze as the synth throbbed and pulsed. Sasami Ashworth, the band's resident synth wizard, filled the room with crunchy waves and deep, warm hums all night, as well as having the night's best joke involving a very different definition of what "poutine" is. Cherry Glazerr's rhythm section constantly pushed the whole wild ride forward, giving Creevy all the room she needed.
The one-two punch of "Told You I'd Be With the Guys" and "White's Not My Color This Evening" pushed the crowd's energy to frantic, dizzying heights. Creevy's guitar work on both tracks was stark and mesmerising, creating simple and never-ending loops that dragged listeners in. Paired with her vocals, which turned from sneering and yelping like a young wolf to quiet and almost angelic in an instant, she kept the audience on their toes the entire show.
The band never let it get too serious, though, cracking jokes in between songs and goofing off with each other. During their encore, when they covered Nirvana's "Territorial Pissings," Ashworth came out wearing a water jug on her head a la that episode of Friends where Joey gets a turkey stuck on his head. "This is what we do for a job, which is stupid and awesome!" Creevy shouted as the audience exploded. The energy was amazing, with the crowd feeding the band and them throwing it all right back into the room.
Creevy was constantly bouncing around the stage, her ponytail whipping back and forth, a far cry from the performer she was circa 2014's Haxel Princess. Back then, on the Burger Records' "Caravan of Stars" tour, Creevy was quiet and sheepish on stage, only speaking on the mic to thank the crowd or ask for some more guitar in her monitors.
Last night Creevy was climbing all over the stage, screaming at the audience, cackling with glee. She was having fun and being so damn confident doing it. She's arrived — and so, judging by last night's show, have Cherry Glazerr.