Chavez's 'Gone Glimmering' and 'Ride the Fader' Celebrated with Vinyl Reissues

Chavez's 'Gone Glimmering' and 'Ride the Fader' Celebrated with Vinyl Reissues
With the 20th anniversary of Chavez's debut LP Gone Glimmering coming up in 2015, Matador has decided to celebrate in style by not only delivering a vinyl reissue of that 1995 album, but also for the band's 1996 follow-up effort, Ride the Fader.

The label confirmed the pair of releases through its blog today (November 18), noting that following "12 long years in the out-of-print wilderness," they each pop back on vinyl January 20.

The reissues will be straight repressings of these older efforts, with no bonus tracks added to their respective tracklistings. They will, however, contain download cards. Matador described the albums as "unbeatable slabs of thinking-person's loud rock from an era where such sounds were not in short supply."

While Chavez reunited back in 2006, Gone Glimmering and Ride the Fader are the only studio albums the band have produced. A collection compiling album tracks and singles called Better Days Will Haunt You was issued back in 2006.

You can pre-order Gone Glimmering here and Ride the Fader here.

Gone Glimmering:

1. Nailed To The Blank Spot

2. Break Up Your Band

3. Laugh Track

4. The Ghost By The Sea

5. Pentagram Ring

6. Peeled Out Too Late

7. The Flaming Gong

8. Wakeman's Air

9. Relaxed Fit

Ride the Fader:

1. Top Pocket Man

2. The Guard Attacks

3. Unreal Is Here

4. New Room

5. Tight Around The Jaws

6. Lions

7. Our Boys Will Shine Tonight

8. Memorize This Face

9. Cold Joys

10. Flight '96

11. Ever Overpsyched

12. You Must Be Stopped