Chad Kroeger Looks Back on Releasing Nickelback's 'Silver Side Up' on 9/11

"Everyone just thought the world was ending"
Chad Kroeger Looks Back on Releasing Nickelback's 'Silver Side Up' on 9/11
Nearly 20 years ago, Nickelback released their now eight times Platinum breakthrough record Silver Side Up. A sometimes forgotten detail of the Canadian band's mega-hit is that it was released the same day as the 9/11 attacks on the World Trade Center.

Speaking with Billboard for the publication's 2001 Week interview series, Chad Kroeger recalled in detail the horrifying experience of learning about the attacks on the Twin Towers while on tour.

"We woke up that day and we were glued to the TV just like everybody else was across the entire globe," he said. "We were on the tour bus, driving through Pennsylvania an hour and a half South of where one of the planes crashed. Then someone on the tour bus said, 'Holy shit, our record came out today.' It became a complete afterthought. It wasn't at the forefront of anyone's mind. Everyone just thought the world was ending."

Kroeger said it was "a very, very strange feeling that day," adding that "for some reason, people seem to latch onto [the record's 'How You Remind Me'] as some sort of an anthem" following the tragic events of that day.

He explained: "Probably because the song has an anthemic quality to it. I've heard, countless times, that it's helped someone get through a hard time around then. That always feels good, when you can help someone like that."

In the interview, Kroeger also told the story of the difficult experience of choosing the album's lead single and spoke about his strange hairstyles, among other interesting tidbits. Check out his full conversation with Billboard here.