Canadian DJ Profile: Royce&Tan

Canadian DJ Profile: Royce&Tan
The EDM scene in Canada is finally getting some worldwide recognition, and with Bud Light Sensation just around the corner, Bud Light has handpicked some up-and-coming DJs from across the country to join the party revolution. To get ready for the most insane party of the year, we're profiling these fourteen rising DJs in the Canadian EDM scene, and if you visit, you can vote for your favourite. Every time you vote, you'll be entered for a chance to win a pair of daily drawn general admission tickets to Bud Light Sensation. Additionally, the winning DJ will receive two VIP tickets with travel, accommodations, and ten tickets for their entourage.

Chris Tan and Royce Groom joined forces in 2011, and their growth within the Canadian electronic dance scene over the past two years has been exponential. With builds, drops, effects and mashups in their toolkit, this duo can elevate the energy in any room, whether they're kicking off the party at 10 p.m., or pushing it to the next level in the early hours of the morning. After opening for acts like Avicii, Calvin Harris, Steve Aoki, Eric Prydz, and Dada Life, Royce&Tan are ready to make a name for themselves on a global scale.

AUX: What was your introduction to DJing? What made you want to start?
Royce&Tan: We've always had a huge love for trance, dates all the way back to Tiesto's "In Search Of Sunrise" compilations. So we used to mess around at home and make our own compilations out of newer releases.

Where are you from, and what's the scene like for a DJ in your hometown?
We're both from Montreal, and the city is pretty well known for its extensive partying, raves, after hours and tons of shows. It's great. Although the market has become very crowded since everyone wants to DJ these days. Supply and demand makes it hard on the booking fees.

What's the ultimate party foul for a DJ?
Throwing out bangers at 10:30, or before a main act. Such a no-no.

Best party you've ever been to and why?
We opened up for Tommy Trash at New City Gas here in Montreal a couple months ago. The place was rammed from 11:30 onward, and we played from 10-1. So we got to set the pace and really get the place going. The crowd and energy was insane. We loved every minute of it, even more so afterwards when Tommy told us he was there the whole time and that we did a wicked job. It's always nice to get recognition from one of the bigger players.

Why is it important for Canada to have an event like Bud Light Sensation?
Sensation started out in Amsterdam and now it travels all over the world. It's great that Canada is now a stop, as it shows the growth of dance music and supporting such a massive show is a really big step in the right direction.

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