Black Midi Are Busy Teasing Something

The band are sharing new sounds through a cryptic website puzzle
Black Midi Are Busy Teasing Something
Photo: Dan Kendall
Though not yet two years removed from sharing their debut Schlagenheim, Black Midi appear to be teasing a follow-up effort.

On Instagram, the UK outfit have pointed users to their website, which currently features a 10x10 grid of squares on the black landing page, with a select few populated by colourful glitch art. When users mouse over the presently revealed squares, the glitch art strobes, with fans able to hear short bursts of sound upon clicking.

Each time the site is refreshed, a different set of revealed squares and sounds is generated, potentially pointing to the eventual reveal of a larger image on the site. Enterprising fans have already begun compiling revealed squares, in hopes of solving the puzzle ahead of a potential announcement.

You can visit the band's website and see the teasers for yourself.

Black Midi and Schlagenheim landed on Exclaim!'s cover in 2019. The album was nominated for the UK's Mercury Prize that same year, ahead of Exclaim! naming it one of the 20 Best Pop and Rock Albums of 2019.

As far as standalone sounds go, Black Midi released Schlagenheim's instrumental stems for fans to create and remix themselves following the album's release. Last year, the band shared single "Sweater," recorded during the album's sessions.

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