The Belle Game "Wait Up for You" (video)

The Belle Game 'Wait Up for You' (video)
Vancouver-based pop-rock outfit the Belle Game have a new 7-inch available through Boompa/Bella Union, and now they've shared a video for the A-side "Wait Up for You."

The clip for this faintly soul-tinged pop tune shows a romance blossoming between two women in a tightly controlled rural community. A press release describes the cult-themed video like this: "Time has stopped on a commune where a new family joins a mysterious group of people that falter to its leader and his set of teachings. A pair of young girls form a romantic bond and plot their escape as we learn of the consequences of leaving their new home."

Director Kheaven Lewandowski added: "The band was very encouraging with the technical approach we wanted to take with the video. With this in mind, I got to do a lot of things I've been itching to try for a while now, like long tracking shots, slow zooms and carefully composed static shots. The intention was to not take any music video short cuts for cheap effect, and to use a more patient approach... till shit falls a part at the end, of course."

It's a mysterious and slightly disturbing story, so check it out below.

The Belle Game's previously delayed debut full-length Ritual Tradition Habit is due out on April 16 in North America.