The Belle Game "River" (video)

The Belle Game 'River' (video)
Vancouver's the Belle Game continue their steady rise thanks in no small part to solid first effort Ritual Tradition Habit. Now, they've shared a video for album standout "River."

The widescreen clip is cinema-ready, complete with bright Japanese subtitles and breathtaking handheld camerawork. Here's a statement from director Kheaven Lewandowski:

The idea with the 'River' video from the very beginning, was that it had to reflect the tone and themes of the song while visually being able to stand up with it and serve as a companion piece. I thought it would be interesting to explore the ideas of the song through a character and subculture we'd never seen before. One thing led to the next, and a Japanese rent-boy odyssey story was conceived, and felt right.

Making it turned out to be a whole different story, which took about 5 months with many ups and downs. We just never lost sight of the fact that it was an opportunity to tell a unique story with an amazing soundtrack, that explores a world that most people have never even heard of; and at it's core, is something everyone can relate to. It was definitely a video worth fighting to make.

Check out the video for "River" below. Thanks to Pitchfork for the tip.