Kanye West Says He's Running for President in 2020

He's already missed the deadline to file in six states, however
Kanye West Says He's Running for President in 2020
Kanye West has previously toyed with the idea of running for U.S. president, and now the rapper has announced plans to run in 2020.

Last night, on Independence Day (July 4), West sent out a tweet seemingly confirming that he is running in 2020:
It's unclear, however, exactly how or if his Twitter announcement will translate into an actual presidential campaign. It's already too late to join the ballot as an independent in several states; the deadline has passed in Indiana, Maine, New Mexico, New York, North Carolina and Texas [via Ballotpedia].

Additionally, it's not clear if Kanye has actually filed to run in any state, or if he has taken any sort of action beyond tweeting.

Back in 2015, West said that he was going to run for president in 2020. Then, he struck up a surprising friendship with Donald Trump, and implied that he was going to run in 2024 instead. It's unclear to what extent Kanye still supports Trump. The rapper's most recent public political action was participating in recent Black Lives Matter protests.