Piero Piccioni's Full 'Mafioso' Score Unearthed for First-Ever Reissue

Piero Piccioni's Full 'Mafioso' Score Unearthed for First-Ever Reissue
Slowly but surely, the legacy of late Italian soundtrack master Piero Piccioni is being gifted to modern audiences. And following an already stellar string of Piccioni reissues in 2019, Camille 3000 is adding to the list by delivering the first-ever full release of the maestro's storied Mafioso score.

The hugely expanded reissue of Mafioso is set to arrive as a CD release on September 10 via Camille 3000 — the label spearheaded by Piccioni's son Jason Piccioni — delivering a massive amount of previously unheard material.

Mafioso originally was released in 1962, serving as the soundtrack release for the same year's Alberto Sordi comedy-drama. However, it only ever arrived as a mono 7-inch EP, but at long last, Camille 3000 has unearthed Piccioni's full Mafioso tapes, expanding the label's release to an impressive 27 tracks.

The label describes Mafioso as a "journey throughout Piccioni's eclecticism." It goes on to explain the following of the upcoming release:

The main musical theme in Mafioso was composed as a commentary dominated by a recurring main symphonic theme, almost a waltz with a circus flavour exuding a graceful romantic motif which describes the protagonist's family on his journey to Sicily. The recurrent, dramatic, mysterious and eerie passages, with the string arrangements bordering atonal music, describe the hidden side of the protagonist's life; a man who lives and works in the North, but who has never lost contact with the roots of his native land. 

All the while, the tense sound dimension is peppered and contrasted by numerous 'ballabili' pieces such as surf music, Latin and jazz for rarefied big band orchestra, as the protagonist finds himself in the United States to kill under Cosa Nostra's command. The only non-original song that appears in the film is "Whispering" written in 1920 by Schonberger and that Piero Piccioni elaborated into a pleasantly danceable version.

For the reissue, Camille 3000 presents the "stereophonic elements" preserved in the private archives of the Piccioni Estate, including all the material ever recorded for the Mafioso project. In addition to the full-stereo tracks, the reissue will also feature the songs from the original 7-inch in mono.

Right now, you can pre-order the release at the Camille 3000 webshop, with the option to add in a Mafioso T-shirt. You can also stream the remastered version of the main title from Mafioso below.

This latest release from Camille 3000 comes in the wake of the label's stunning 2018 reissues of Piccioni's legendary Camille 2000 soundtrack and Il Mondo di Notte.