Peter Jackson Hints at 'Doctor Who' Episode in New Video

Peter Jackson Hints at 'Doctor Who' Episode in New Video
From the sounds of it, Peter Jackson's Hobbit movies were quite a headache for the director. Understandably, he's ready to move on — and it looks like his next project might be an episode of the cult TV show Doctor Who.

The director has long been rumoured to be taking the helm for an upcoming episode of the beloved program, but he's seemingly sort of confirmed it with a new Facebook video.

In the clip, Jackson is sitting around polishing Oscar trophies when his daughter explains that he needs to respond to Doctor Who writer and producer Steven Moffat about directing an episode of the show.

Then, Peter Capaldi (playing the doctor) barrels into the room and asks him to direct an episode. Hell, if these guys are already hanging out an episode can't be far off, right?

As a number of film nerds have noted, the video also features a heavily bookmarked copy of J.R.R. Tolkien's The Silmarillion on Jackson's desk. So perhaps another Tolkien film series is on the way as well.

Either way, Jackson's long-awaited Doctor Who episode seems most likely at this point. Watch the video below.
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Posted by Peter Jackson on Sunday, November 29, 2015