Lenny Kravitz Finally Discusses His Comically Large Scarf

Lenny Kravitz Finally Discusses His Comically Large Scarf
There are probably some people out there who care about Lenny Kravitz's new album Raise Vibration, but it'll likely never live up to any of the musician's many viral moments. Take, for example, the time he wore a comically large scarf and was snapped by paps. 

Jimmy Fallon finally broached the subject with Kravitz, who defended the clothing choice. "The guy who made that scarf, you can blame it on," he said. "He made that scarf, and he gave it to me. And that was the day that I thought I would break it out. I had no idea there would be paparazzi."

That said, the scarf photo has Questlove laughing his ass off, as it still does with all of us. What a wonderful scarf being worn by a wonderful man.

And if you're wondering, they never really bring up the other big floppy thing Kravitz once showed off in public, although they do briefly allude to it at the start of the vid.

Watch Kravitz appear on Fallon below.