Eric Andre Says "Middle-Aged White People" at Netflix Wanted a Police Skit Cut from 'Legalize Everything'

The comedian feels "blessed that my stand-up special is coming out in this time"
Eric Andre Says 'Middle-Aged White People' at Netflix Wanted a Police Skit Cut from 'Legalize Everything'
Eric Andre will make his Netflix comedy debut with Legalize Everything next month, and he recently shared a teaser in which he does a bit concerning police brutality. Andre has now revealed that, perhaps unsurprisingly, some higher-ups urged him to remove another police-related gag from the special.

Speaking with The Daily Beast on a recent episode of The Last Laugh podcast, Andre explained how Legalize Everything opens with a sketch in which he hands out drugs to strangers in New Orleans while posing as a police officer.

The comedian revealed that some "middle-aged white people" at Netflix asked him to consider cutting the bit from the special. "I'm like, 'no, guys!'" he recalled. "This is the best time to do these jokes. This is what we need! We need to point out the absurdity of the police department and what a fucking hypocrisy and a disgrace it is. We need to point out police brutality. I am blessed that my stand-up special is coming out in this time." 

A sneak peek at Legalize Everything that Andre shared earlier this month finds him riffing on the theme music choice for the recently cancelled Cops, commenting on how reggae is "the most inappropriate music they could have picked." You can watch that one below.

Andre explained how the series "portrays cops as the good guys and poor people and Black people and marginalized people as the bad guys," pointing out how the officers involved "turn it up a notch for the camera" more often than not.
"People have been shot unnecessarily and they've used excessive force to make good television," he added. "So I think the show Cops is pretty corrupt. They had a 32-season run. I think we're fine. I think it's time to fucking hang up the jersey."

Longtime devotees of The Eric Andre Show, which will have its fifth season launch this year, will know that Andre has no aversion to humorously skewering law enforcement in his sketches.

"I've been complaining about police brutality and racism my whole life," Andre told The Last Laugh. "So it's not new to me. Now people have a front row seat to it. Thank God for camera phones. And God bless the people that filmed George Floyd's murder. They need a round of applause. Because we wouldn't be seeing the change that's starting to happen now, if it wasn't for that. People have just had enough."

Legalize Everything was directed by Eric Notarnicola and arrives on Netflix on June 23. Andre recently appeared alongside Tiffany Haddish and Lil Rel Howery in prank film Bad Trip.