Sum 41 "Goddamn I'm Dead Again" (video)

Sum 41 'Goddamn I'm Dead Again' (video)
Throwing more weight behind 13 Voices, Sum 41 are treating their faithful to a new party-packed video for its "Goddamn I'm Dead Again."

As you'll witness, the clip features Deryck Whibley and co., along with a mass of hyped-up Sum 41 fans.

In a statement, Whibley had this to say about the video:

We're very excited to release this new video for "Goddamn I'm Dead Again." This one is for the fans and by the fans. What you are seeing are dedicated Sum 41 super fans, not one extra and I love that. Thank you all for being apart of it and spending that Sunday afternoon with us!

Watch how it all plays out below.