Slash Attacked by Stage Invader in Italy

Slash Attacked by Stage Invader in Italy
In an incident that's sure to give Noel Gallagher some painful flashbacks, Slash was attacked on stage last night (June 10) during a performance at the PalaSharp Arena in Milan, Italy.

As the former Gun N' Roses guitarist led his band through a cover of GNR's classic "Sweet Child o' Mine," a fan managed to get up on stage and pushed Slash into his monitor, according to a report from Consequence of Sound. See the embedded video below, and skip ahead to 1:15 if you want to see the action.

The best part of the whole thing is that immediately after the violent fan was tackled off stage by security, Slash brushed himself off and launched right back into his solo.

After the show, he posted the following super-chill message on his Facebook: "What'd I say? Rowdy crowd for sure. But amazing! The guy who nailed me didn't take me down but he busted my poor gtr. Ah well, it was a kick ass rock show in the 1st order!"

Based on statements like this, something tells us that Slash won't be pressing charges or embarking upon lengthy legal proceedings. His world tour in support of his recently released solo album continues tonight in Austria.