Pick a Piper Tap Caribou, Jeremy Greenspan, Teen Daze for Remix LP

Pick a Piper Tap Caribou, Jeremy Greenspan, Teen Daze for Remix LP
Toronto electronic ensemble Pick a Piper have decided to re-explore the sounds of their 2013 self-titled effort and will be presenting a handful of twisted-up versions of said tracks for a new remix album. Featuring revamps from the likes of Caribou, Junior Boys' Jeremy Greenspan and Teen Daze, the aptly titled Pick a Piper: Remixes lands April 7 via Abandon Building.

A press release notes that the 16-song remix project features contributions from a number of artists, who have put their own spin on the polyrhythmic digital soundscapes of Pick a Piper's Angus Fraser, Dan Roberts and Brad Weber.

The collection feature multiple re-workings of the original album tracks. "All Her Colours," for instance, is tackled three times — by Vessel, the Ruby Suns and Sun Glitters. Owing to Pick a Piper members also playing in Caribou's live band, Dan Snaith has offered up a redo of "Once Were Leaves," while the song was also remixed by Sibian and Faund. Also upping the Canadian connection are Digits and the aforementioned Greenspan, who takes on "Lucid in Fjords."

Down below, you'll find a full breakdown of the project, as well as a remix of "Cinders and Dust" by BC electronic artist Teen Daze.

All proceeds from the release will be donated to The Steve Reid Foundation, a not for profit with goals to help "independent artists during times of hardship."

Pick a Piper: Remixes:

1. All Her Colours (Vessels Remix)
2. Cinders and Dust (Grown Folk Remix)
3. South to Polynesia (Little People Remix)
4. Dinghy In A Quiet Cove (Set In Sand Remix)
5. Once Were Leaves (Caribou Remix)
6. Zenaida (Koloto Remix)
7. Lucid in Fjords (Chancha Via Circuito Remix)
8. All Her Colours (The Ruby Suns Remix)
9. Hour Hands (Rachael Boyd Remix)
10. Zenaida (Fraaek Remix)
11. Once Were Leaves (Sibian And Faun Remix)
12. Cinders And Dust (Teen Daze Remix)
13. Lucid in Fjords (Jeremy Greenspan Remix)
14. All Her Colours (Sun Glitters Remix)
15. Hour Hands (Carrot Green Remix)
16. Zenaida (Digits Remix)