Nils Frahm Celebrates Piano Day with New 'Solo – Remains' Album

Nils Frahm Celebrates Piano Day with New 'Solo – Remains' Album
Last year, Nils Frahm honoured the 88 keys on a piano by declaring the 88th day of the year Piano Day and dropped a surprise album titled Solo. Well, it's that time of year again, and to mark the second annual instalment of Piano Day, Frahm has once again delivered a surprise record.
Titled Solo – Remains, the new set of songs picks up where Solo left off, sharing previously unheard tracks from the same recording session. The music was made on the M370 — perhaps better known as the world's largest piano, which was built by David Klavins in 1987.
A statement from Frahm about the new offering reads:
In the end, every album production leaves you with the same tough task – making the choices for the final track selection. You leave out some tracks for various reasons: some of the tracks are wonderful by themselves, but they simple don't fit anywhere in the album and others have to be left out because otherwise the vinyl would become too long for a cut in good quality. However, these outtakes are often as important as the final selection and I thought, they might be a great surprise for Piano Day too. I hope in this case, it's both …
Solo – Remains is available for free download here right now. You can get a small sample of the full collection by giving "Him" an isolated listen down below.
Extending the festive spirit of Piano Day, the German composer further celebrated by generously donating a piano to a community centre in Berlin and is encouraging others to follow his lead. He's also looking to one-up the M370 by working with Klavins on an even larger instrument dubbed the M450, which "will be characterized by an even clearer sound with more depth and richness of overtones as well as an unrivaled frequency spectrum and intensity of sound and tone."
Find out more about the festivities at the official Piano Day website, and listen to "Him" from Solo – Remains below.