Lemon Bucket Orkestra Enter Ukrainian Crisis with Lemonchiki Project

Lemon Bucket Orkestra Enter Ukrainian Crisis with Lemonchiki Project
Self-described "Balkan-klezmer-gypsy-party-punk super band" Lemon Bucket Orkestra are based in Toronto, but the members are wading into the crisis in Ukraine with their new undertaking Lemonchiki Project.

This week, four members of the group — including leader Mark Marczyk — flew to Ukrainian capitol Kiev. There, they are meeting with four local musicians to collaborate on what a press release describes as "an international repertoire of songs about revolution, war, and peace."

They first conceived of the project in January and February, when Marczyk and singer Maria Kudriavtseva visited the Ukraine and provided aid to protesters. The ambitious project will include musicians from Canada, Ukraine, Russia, Romania, Mexico and France; it will feature songs from all of those countries, plus U.S., Ireland, Argentina and Jamaica.

"We want to explore the untold stories of the extraordinary people and personalities on the ground floor of the revolution, who risked their lives to take action and stand up for what they believe in," Marczyk said in a statement. "We're not pro-Ukrainian extremists or pro-Putin provocateurs; we're pro-people and we want to show our support."

There will be a blog at LemonchikiProject.com offering photos, videos and journal entries describing the participants' experiences. There will also be a Canadian-based spinoff spearheaded by Oksana Hawrylak. At the bottom this page, watch videos from Marczyk and Canadian-based participant Anna Maxymiw about the project.

Meanwhile, Lemon Bucket Orkestra will remain active in Toronto despite some of the lineup being overseas. Once the members return in June, they will tour Canada, with dates still to be confirmed.