Kataklysm Vision the Chaos

It’s kind of fun to spin this EP and take a look back at where one of Canada’s most unique extreme metal bands started. Originally released as a seven-inch on a small Belgian label in 1994, Vision the Chaos will shock anyone who hasn’t heard the band’s earlier material. The production is raw as hell, but, hilariously enough, it sounds better than the band’s recent recordings. Old vocalist Sylvain delivers the goods here, and his multi-faceted vocal onslaught is worlds away from what the band is doing now. Really, it’s a different animal altogether, with this material being so crazy, convoluted and noisy it’s hard to not admire the hell out of it. It does sound a bit too dated and demo-like, given the advancements in extreme metal over the past decade. Fans looking for more of the band’s catchy, groove-driven death metal are advised to stay the hell away — you’ll have nightmares for weeks. But the more extreme music nuts out there will eat this up, as it is some serious stuff indeed. (Skyscraper)