Clutch 'Earth Rocker' (album stream)

Clutch 'Earth Rocker' (album stream)
Just yesterday morning (March 15) we ran our interview with Clutch main man Neil Fallon, who explained the ins and outs of the Maryland groovers' upcoming Earth Rocker. The album still isn't due out until Tuesday (March 19) via their own Weathermaker Music, but the group have shared a full-album stream a bit early.

On the band's website, they have offered up all of Earth Rocker, which you can check out below.

As Fallon told Exclaim!, the album serves as a commentary on the current state of rock'n'roll.

"It's by no means a concept record, but one thing that I was thinking about during the writing of this record and I think creeps into songs here and there, was just about rock'n'roll and the state of it now — that it's so easy," he said. "That's great that you can put your band on the internet, you can buy guitars easy, you can find new bands in the comfort of your home. But I have a bit of a romantic nostalgia for the days, I wasn't even alive then, but the '50s when it was forbidden, you know, when records were being burned. I'm not saying that was a good thing, but there is something appealing about the danger of it."

As previously reported, Clutch have a big North American tour ahead of them. See their schedule here.

Earth Rocker can be ordered on iTunes here and Amazon here.