Bonobo "No Reason" (ft. Nick Murphy) (video)

Bonobo 'No Reason' (ft. Nick Murphy) (video)
Following the release of the new Migration LP, Bonobo is revisiting its Nick Murphy-quipped "No Reason" with a new video.

The clip for Simon Green's Bonobo track was directed by Oscar Hudson, who had this to say about his creation:

"No Reason" is such an evocative track and it was clear from the start that our video would need to reflect this potency. Simon/Bonobo mentioned the inspiration behind the new album came from his relationship to landscape and place whilst on tour. Whilst researching these themes I learnt about the Japanese phenomenon of the Hikikomori — young Japanese people who become so overwhelmed by the pressures of life that they retreat to their bedrooms for years at a time. This felt like a such a fascinating intersection of physical & psychological spaces, and so from this I set out to make a film that through an inventive physical concept tried to link environment directly to psychology. We achieved the film using only in-camera physical effects and we designed an entirely new way of moving our miniature camera to get it to fit through the tiny doorways. Doing this film with CGI would have been a thousand times easier, but for me, it's physicality & imperfections are what make it different, and I hope better.

Watch how that all plays out for yourself below.

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