Black Rebel Motorcycle Club Black Rebel Motorcycle Club

BRMC are very much like their namesake, Marlon Brando's biker gang in The Wild Ones. They are outsiders, the band that doesn't care about conforming and playing shows at the Hollywood Bowl. They are a dark, edgy rock'n'roll band with the ability to write a catchy tune. After hearing the first song, the Jesus & Mary Chain comparisons the press have been giving them are obvious. The album reeks of the trouble and noise that made JAMC so different and exciting. Peter Hayes and Robert Turner's voices are so similar to the Reid brothers that it is almost as the disaster that was Munki never happened. "Red Eyes & Tears" and "Rifles" are the two most attractive numbers, both with satanic bass lines that can buy any soul. "Spread Your Love" is a bouncy, Dandy Warhol-ish pop song that could bring the band a possible radio hit if it becomes a single. "Salvation" ends the album in a Spacemen 3-type fashion; with a slow, six-minute jam that never loses its rhythm or its composure, repeating the lines "Can you feel love? Do you feel love?" (Virgin)