All That Remains Overcome

The term "metalcore” gets thrown around too easily these days and after listening to All That Remains, it’s clear why this is a confusing genre tag, as Overcome could be a part of it but feels more like melodic death metal. The band’s fourth release, Overcome, is akin to The Fall Of Ideas in overall sound; it somehow has more double bass, guitar solos and hooks but never turns into a breakdown-heavy album. Overcome is an endless assault of guitar riffs on every track, whether they are angular, ascending duels or harmonic overtones — guitarists Mike Martin and Oli Herbert are the most distinctive factor of ATR’s sound. If you want to hear what these two fret board terrorists have been unleashing, "Undone” is one of the best tracks this album has to offer. Overcome can be reminiscent of other bands at times, specifically during the beginning of "Chiron,” which sounds a little too close to older Avenged Sevenfold but thankfully, it’s not too long a riff. Fans of ATR will be stoked over this release and Overcome should catch the attention of music lovers looking for a toned down technical version of Dragon Force, minus the ’80s cheese vocals. (Prosthetic)