10 Rules for Bud Light's Sensation

10 Rules for Bud Light's Sensation
Whether you're at an outdoor love-in, a hush-hush 4 a.m. loft afterparty, or a massive EDM banger like Bud Light's Sensation—which, as we revealed, is coming to Toronto—this much is clear: Partying has rules. Don't fret, though: we have your back with this handy list of tips that'll help you navigate the party of the summer (and all subsequent parties, so keep them in your back pocket).
1. Let the DJs do their thing.

djPhoto: tumblr

The lion is the king of the jungle, and the DJ is the king of this ecosystem. And no, (s)he doesn't bite. Still, should you find yourself onstage, for the love of everything good, never... ever... request... anything. Ever.
2. Respect the diversity of the flora and fauna.


Look around. In addition to the 30,990 people you'd normally party with, there are the outsiders. You know, the people who always show up at parties like this. There's a five-panel-hat-rocking bro. A girl with a botched Skrillex haircut. Three corporate dads in ill-fitting blazers. A 50-year-old house-music know-it-all who's talking about "the Chicago warehouse scene from back in the day." An Alsatian tourist losing his mind. A glowstick-toting pixie girl who is, seemingly, made entirely of midriff. Learn to coexist with everyone, they might just buy you and your friends a round.
3. Let go. No, really: light it up.


It's your first time here, eh? It shows. Y'know how you dance when no one's watching? Y'know, that little dance you do when you're alone in your bedroom? Yeah, do THAT. No one will judge.
4. Groom. And groom well.

Photo: Afkra Photo: Afkra

No, we're not asking you to cover yourself in body glitter or get neon-pink dreadlock extensions (mostly because pink isn't allowed at Bud Light's Sensation). All we're saying is that things get HOT, so wear deodorant. On the dancefloor, there's nothing worse than that shirtless dude who smells like tacos.
5. Do unto others.


Someone trying to pass by? Let them. Someone accidentally bash into you while dancing? Let it go. Someone spill their beer all over your pristine white shirt you bought for this very event? Get a new one. Treat others as you'd want to be treated—and check the aggro at the gates.