The Toronto International Film Festival Is Still Happening

Organizers don't know exactly how just yet, but they will not postpone the festival
The Toronto International Film Festival Is Still Happening
The coronavirus has rendered large gatherings impossible for much of 2020 so far, and that includes big events like film festivals. While we can't know for sure what life will look like tomorrow let alone in September, however, the Toronto International Film Festival is still happening.

The fest, which takes place in early September, is still going to go ahead in some capacity. In a new interview with Variety, artistic director Cameron Bailey said it's "full steam ahead" for the event. 
"Postponing is definitely not a possibility on the table right now. [Based on] everything that we are learning, things might get worse in October or November if there is a second wave," added TIFF executive director and co-head Joana Vicente.

Right now, organizers are trying to figure out what the festival will mean in a world where travel is limited and large gatherings aren't exactly viable.

"We know that there are a lot of industry members and delegates that will not be able to travel to Toronto because they are coming from all over the world," Vicente added. "It's going to be a modified version of the festival. We're going to look at doing some kind of social distancing. Maybe it's not six feet [of separation], but maybe there's a seat in between."

Of course, it's hard to make concrete plans when it's unclear what the world will look like by September.

"We are absolutely planning for a public festival and a strong industry component," Bailey said. "We are going to follow what happens with public health guidelines, of course, and that will determine more. We hope that by the middle of June, say, we'll be able to make a call [as to] which way we are leaning. But we will deliver a festival this year."

Vicente said there will "definitely" be a strong digital component at this year's festival, though just how big is yet to be determined.

Stay tuned for more information on this year's Toronto International Film Festival as it becomes available.